Jazz’N Ambleny

A festival for all music lovers, for musicians and all inhabitants of Ambleny and surroundings, for adults and children.

Jazz’N Ambleny offers a podium for renowned musicians and young talents.

An international event with musicians from France and the Dutch, the United States, Brazil, Cuba and the Caribbean…


Jazz'N Ambleny honoured by the town council

l’Union samedi 29 fevrier 2020

Jazz'N Ambleny honoured by the town council
Inspired by the annual Fête de la Musique
Le Jazz les a rassemblés (l'UNION février 2020)

The Dutch Bastiaen van Nooten, amateur pianist and connoisseur of the world of jazz, arrived in Ambleny in 2002 and launched the idea of ​​a jazz festival. The Association festival d’Association was founded in 2006 by Bas van Nooten and Yvan Checler, former mayor of Ambleny. Jazz’N Ambleny had its first edition in 2009 and developed thanks to the enthusiasm and support of the inhabitants and municipalities of Ambleny and Vic-sur-Aisne, the Comité d’Animation d’Ambleny and the Comité des Fêtes de Vic-sur-Aisne.Today, after 15 years, Jazz’N Ambleny is still little but mature: the festival presents two evenings in two different places: at Ambleny and Vic-sur-Aisne.

For the youngsters: ‘masterclass improvisation’
2017 cours impro
2017 Deborah Carter improvisation course

Each year, the musicians who participate in Jazz’N Ambleny share a friendly moment on Saturday afternoon with children and yongsters. This enriching exchange allows children and yongsters to improvise with their own instruments: they discover the soul of jazz.